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Take a Walk in the OC

"Laguna Niguel Regional Park'

tunnel access to laguna niguel regional park sulphur creek reservoir morning traffic at the lake laguna niguel lake oc huskys cottonwood trees
Take La Paz toward Laguna Niguel Regional Park past Aliso Creek and past the normal entrance. Take the first left (at the church), make a U turn and park. There is a tunnel under La Paz with access to the lake (Sulphur Creek Reservoir) and a perfect early morning walk. Many people take their dogs, kids on bikes or in strollers and some even get pulled by a team of sled dogs! Everyone says "good morning" and the bird watching is nothing short of amazing. We saw a pair of blue birds last Saturday - 5/18/08.

wood ducks yellow warbler american black duck family cottonwood red winged blackbird pair sulphur creek wild flower snails
goldfinch lakeside tree tire tracks in mud laguna niguel park path bottlebrush tree inside eucalyptus tree trunk bluebird
You will see water fowl and many local and migrating birds. We have also seen coyotes, ground squirrels and many different types of turtles. NO SNAKES - SO FAR - but there are warning signs posted. You will also enjoy the plant life. There are many native plants and trees as well as some planted for shade to enhance park enjoyment.

fishing sulphur creek reservoir sycamore grove surphur creek silk oak tree spider webs on brush
Walk to the left after the tunnel and circle the lake. You will pass the little fishing store that offers boat rentals and permits to fish for the day. We did that once when JJ was little and he had a blast. Keep going down the road to the bottom of the hill well past the lake to the path that returns you to the tunnelů.orů..keep on going into the park along the stream to the jungle gym if you have the kids along. (Note: for a more strenuous workout - take this route to the right and you will have a steep hill to climb on the backside of the lake). We often meet people on their second or third circle as we enjoy our first - and ONLY!

laguna niguel regional park creek cabanas laguna niguel regional park Parking prices vary by day of the week and just driving in the main entrance is certainly another option. You can also rent the cabanas for a small or large park event! However you use this lovely park we are sure you will have a Fabulous time!

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