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TV Shows Orange County Made Famous

The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Hills, Laguna Beach -the Real OC, Newport Harbor - the Real OC, Life of Ryan and the OC all depict the lives of real people living in a real place, Orange County, California. Many of us live far less dramatic and far more (what we consider to be) normal lives working, living and playing in South Orange County, California. It is not surprising that locations in Orange County are sought for TV and movies because it is so darn fabulous! The weather is nearly perfect and anything is possible in the OC!

You can visit the places you see on TV when you come to visit - here is how:

cota de caza directions Cota de Caza, original home of the Real Housewives of Orange County can be easily reached by exiting the 5 Freeway (while driving South) on Oso Parkway and drive all the way to the end. You will see signs pointing the way to Cota as you dive. The road ends at the gates - one to the right and one to the left to Cota! You need an invitation or an appointment with a realtor to pass through the gates and see what lies behind. Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of Tamra, Vicki, Jeana, Lauri, Tammy or newby Quinn?? The season finale featured Lauri's wedding and a very heartwarming and candid conversation between Lauri and her son, Josh.

Many of the places the wives visit are located in Ladera Ranch (along with Lauri's townhouse). Retrace your drive on Oso Parkway and turn left on Antonio Parkway and drive until you reach Ladera Ranch.

inn at laguna beach from main beach The OC - is a teen drama series that has run on Fox for 4 years. This series is a fictional portrayal of the lives of a group of teenagers and their families in Orange County, California. The main character is Ryan Atwood who is adopted by a wealthy family but doesn't seem to 'fit in'. The OC is broadcast in over 50 countries and has a big influence on the view the world has of Americans and their kids. This series is noted for its music with the fourth and final season available on iTunes. The show is over but like the others continues to have fans and lives on in DVDs and reruns..

laguna beach lifeguard station ocean scene laguna beach Laguna Beach - the Real OC absolutely was filmed in and around Laguna Beach. Drive south on the 133 (Laguna Canyon Road) to Pacific Coast Highway, where it ends at Main Beach. Issues with the folks at Laguna Beach resulted in the main characters moving to Newport Harbor and the story…as they say…continues.

laguna beach shopping fingerhut gallery laguna beach high school Some of the kids from the original Laguna Beach (the Real OC) show left Laguna Beach High School and moved on to The Hills (Beverly Hills). Everyone remembers Lauren Conrad (LC), her boyfriend Jason and friend and roommate, Heidi. Lauren interns for Teen Vogue while attending fashion school and ends up going to Paris. You will often see cameos of the kids from the earlier show as Lauren goes home to visit.

After three seasons and some legal trouble MTV moved the kids from Laguna Beach to bigger and richer Newport Beach. This reality show focuses on a small group of high-school kids being filmed 4 days a week for 6 months. Follow them as they hang out, fall in love and maybe, just maybe find out that money isn't everything. You will recognize many places you see the kids on the show as you drive around Newport Beach - the Real OC. As the fourth season of the show moved to Newport Beach it welcomed an all new cast. The season features high school senior Chrissy and although the drama continues, there is supposed to be less focus on sex - what do you think?

skate board park Life of Ryan - Second season of this popular MTV show featuring Ryan Sheckler a kid who picked up a skateboard at 18 months and by the time he was 13 he was a pro skater. Ryan is the undefeated AST Dew Tour skateboard champion and his success has earned him many sponsorships and his own reality show. san clemente main beach Ryan lives in San Clemente with his Mom and brothers, Shane and Kane. His parents divorced last season and it seems as though Ryan is getting a girl friend and moving out this season. You won't get close to the Sheckler home but will certainly spot familiar locations from the show as you walk around San Clem.

Write your own story about your visit to the OC - who knows …..

Maybe YOU will become a STAR????

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